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Eco-Friendly Camper Van cleaner

Can you suggest a way to remove green growth from my Bongo? Here’s a suggestion… Try these concentrated dissolving sachets that come in a box of 10 x 37g sachets. One of the great benefits of these products is that there is no packaging waste. Each sachet dissolves in water to make 5 ltrs of […]

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Driving in France Safety Kit

I’m driving my Bongo in France this summer, what safety kit do I need? As from last year you need to carry not only a Warning Triangle in your car but also a CE Approved High Visability Vest, Tabard or Waistcoat (High-Vis) while driving in France and failure to do so could cost you a […]

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Bongo Fuel Consumption

What sort of Fuel Consumption can I expect from my Bongo? The most fuel efficient speed to drive most vehicles at is 56 mph and if you do this in a Bongo you can expect a little over 30mpg. Realistically expect to average about 25 mpg and a little less on an urban cycle. Check […]

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Mazda Bongo Cam Belt

How often should a Mazda Bongo cam belt be changed? I’ve bought a Bongo with 55,000 km on the clock. I bought my Mazda Bongo on eBay from a private dealer, but I’ve seen that other dealers offer a new cam belt as standard. Should I change the cam belt now? Andy K, Huddersfield. It […]

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Mazda Bongo Handbook

Mazda Bongo Handbook question… I bought my Bongo last month and it didn’t come with a handbook. I’m assuming if it did, it would have been in Japanese, since it was a grey Japanese import. Is there an English version available, and if so, where can I get it from? Yes there is. It has […]

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