bongo bike rackBongos are suitable to fit a rear mounted Cycle rack with or without rear spoiler

Bongos are not the most ideal vehicle for throwing your bike into the back of, especially if you have a campervan conversion.

So, what's the best way to carry your bicycle around?

A cycle carrier fitted to your rear door is a really useful accessory for carrying multiple bikes around.

Most cycle carriers consist of a metal frame with webbing strap supports to transport up to 4 bikes.

Popular makes for the Bongo include Fiamma and it has been quoted that the Fiamma Cycle Rack for a Mercedes Vito (1996-2004) can also fit a Mazda Bongo, providing it has no spoiler mounted above the rear door.

Bike carriers are easily fitted, with no drilling required, and the door remains operational even with bikes fitted.

Popular Mazda Bongo Bike Racks

  • Fiamma Carry-Bike Rack fits a Mazda Bongo or Mercedes Vito.
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