240v for your Bongo camper

A mains hook-up allows you to plug your Bongo in to a 240v mains supply when on a campsite with that facility. It enables you to charge the starter battery and leisure battery at the same time.

A mains hook-up enables you to run all your interior lights, fridge, 240v electrical appliances and even a heater at the same time without fear of running down your leisure battery.

Always get your mains hook-up fitted by a qualified technician.

Bongo Mains Hook-up Kits include:

  • Mounted inlet socket
  • Consumer unit
  • 13a switched sockets
  • All cables, fittings and instructions

Other accessories you need are a heavy duty mains hook-up extension lead for connecting to the campsite hook-up unit and your inlet socket. A Mazda Bongo Mains Hook-up lead is a 3 core 2.5mm mains cable with a maximum current of 16 amps. A good length would be 25 metres about 75 feet.

A mains hook-up adaptor with UK 3 pin plug enable you to hook-up when on your drive by plugging the adaptor into a standard domestic plug socket, then into your mains hook-up extension for connection into you Bongo inlet socket.