Mazda Bongo InsuranceInsuring your Mazda Bongo or Ford Freda (Grey Import)

When Bongos started appearing in the UK market it was often difficult to get insurance for you Bongo. That’s all changed, with initially the need to use a specialist Motorhome insurance company and now most mainstream insurance companies in the UK now providing insurance and multi car insurance for Mazda Bongos and Ford Fredas, although there are still a few insurance companies that will not insure ‘Grey Imports’ – just ask them first.

Shop around on the web and you will find your self a good deal for Mazda Bongo campervan insurance.

If you have had a Camper Conversion with a kitchen installed, then you no longer have to choose an insurance company who provide specialist Motorhome insurance to insure your Bongo – they often argue that other companies don’t offer insurance for gas bottle explosions amongst other specialist Motorhome potential issues – see our check list below.

Insurance companies usually search a wide selection of schemes to find the best Mazda Bongo insurance policy to suit your particular requirements, so you can cover yourself for most eventualities.

Importing cars from countries such as Japan is very popular, especially with campervans and cars available with lower mileages and higher specifications than equivalent UK vehicles. Along with attractive prices, Grey Imports have become very popular with buyers.

With Grey Imports becoming more popular there is an increasing insurance market to cater for them.

Bongo Insurance checklist

Print this off and ask your Bongo insurance company if they offer these insurance features and benefits:

  • Roadside Assistance for the UK and Europe
  • Windscreen and body glass cover
  • European cover
  • Personal effects cover
  • Audio cover
  • Portable generator cover
  • Awnings cover
  • Gas cylinder cover
  • Damage from exploding gas cylinder cover
  • Replacement driver cover
  • Driver Legal Protection

Mazda Bongo Insurance Quotes

Check these benefits:

  • Dedicated Japanese 4×4 Mazda Bongo Import Scheme
  • Limited Mileage Discounts
  • Mirrored No Claims Bonus
  • Specialist Breakdown Cover
  • Extended EU or European Driving cover
  • Covers all MPV and Motorhome versions of the Mazda Bongo
  • Club member discounts