bongo alloy wheel

Bongos look great with alloys!

Many Bongos come with alloys already fitted, but you may be looking for aftermarket Bongo alloys. When you are looking for a Bongo, you may have found your ideal Bongo but it only has standard wheel trims and you would prefer alloys!

If so, you can pick up a set of factory alloy wheels on eBay or source a set of brand new alloys to suit online.

Check your sizes for Bongo alloys and factor in the need to buy a new set of tyres to suit. Many alloys for sale on eBay and other websites offer a full set of Bongo Alloys with a full set of matching tyres.

Alloy Wheel Sizes

  • 15" Mazda Bongo or Ford Freda Alloys
  • 16" Mazda Bongo or Ford Freda Alloys
  • 17" Mazda Bongo or Ford Freda Alloys

Alloy Wheel Manufacturers

  • ACE
  • DeCorsa
  • Konig

Tyre Sizes

Mazda recommends for load distribution wider rear tyres than the front. Some owners use wider tyres back and front.

Front: 195/70 R15
Rear: 215/65 R15

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