Reduce fuel costs and petrol consumption with bio diesel or fuel savers

Bio Diesel is a clean burning bio fuel produced from renewable resources such as waste cooking oil or rapeseed crop. Fuel savers are simple products which can deliver significant fuel savings and save you money buy utilising magnets.


Take advantage of duty free biodiesel with a personal allowance of under 2,500 litres pa. Read more about biodiesel…

Here are a few key benefits of fuel saver products:

  • Increased fuel economy
  • Improved torque/power
  • Smoother running
  • Cleans dirty engines and keeps them clean
  • Reduces emissions
  • Transferrable from car to car
  • Easy to fit
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A selection of fuel saver products:


FUELMiser is the only patented, easy-to-install, magnetic fuel saving and emission reducing device to provide cutting-edge, Advanced MP Technology to make fuel burn more efficiently resulting in fuel economy, reduced emissions, enhanced engine performance and lower maintenance costs.


Prozone Fuelsaver fuel saving device combines two proven scientific fuel enhancement processes – a tin-alloy catalyst and a magnetic field – to condition the fuel, gasoline (petrol) or diesel before it reaches the combustion area of the engine. This is in contrast to standard catalytic converters which act on the exhaust gases after they leave the engine and, thus, can have NO EFFECT on the actual combustion process.


Ecoflow magnetic products designed to improve fuel consumption and reduce the emissions of petrol & diesel vehicle engines.

Ecoflow fuel conditioners are designed to reduce emissions, improve fuel consumption, and extend the life of your engine.

Key features of Ecoflow magnetic products are that fuel lines do not need to be cut, they are easily fitted, and they require no maintenance or power supply. Countless households, offices, factories, and councils are using Ecoflow magnetic fuel savers to help reduce fuel consumption and maintenance costs.


Motoflow is the product that launched Ecoflow in 1991 and has been saving hundreds of thousands of motorists around the world millions of pounds ever since, not to mention the considerable reduction of pollutants being released into the environment. The Motoflow fuel conditioner has been tested by laboratories world-wide, including the British Government’s environmental laboratory, where a 12,000 mile test showed improved fuel economy, increased power and reduced emissions. Most Customers report fuel savings between 5-20%, cleaner combustion area and better performance.

Fuel Saver Products

  • Easy Fuel Saver
  • Fuel Saver
  • Ecoflow
  • Motoflow
  • Fuel Boss
  • Ecotek
  • Fuelmiser

Bongo Fuel Efficiency

Without any modifications the best you can expect for Mazda Bongo fuel effiency is 32 mpg at 56 mph.

They average 25 mpg with an urban rating of 22 mpg.