leisure batteryBongo leisure batteries for running your lights and accessories

If you want to use your Bongo as a campervan then you’ll need a second battery to run your interior lights, fridge, water pump and camping accessories from. Using a simple split charging system you can insure that you don’t run you main starter battery down whilst being able to charge your leisure battery while on the go. If you are reasonably skilled DIYer, then the job should take about 2 hours to complete, or get a garage or workshop to fit it for you.

Leisure Battery Tip

Avoid totally discharging your Mazda Bongo Leisure Battery. Discharging it between 90% and 50%, will give you extra battery life in the long run. Aim to buy a battery with about twice the capacity you actually need to help preserve its life.

Mazda Bongo Battery Tray

If you decide to fit a leisure battery, then you’ll need a battery tray too to mount your leisure battery under the bonnet. The battery tray fits on the passenger side. Bongo battery trays fit all Mazda Bongo and Ford Freda models from 1995 onwards.

Universal Battery Clamp

A universal battery clamp will also be required to fix the leisure battery to the battery tray. A piece of angle iron with bolt holes and two nutted arms is the usually set up.

Battery Tray and Clamp Kit

A complete Battery Tray and Clamp Kit with all brackets and bolts are available. Make sure the kit includes the plastic or metal tray which fits under the leisure battery. Some people do not bother using a leisure battery plastic tray.

Leisure Battery Ratings

Leisure batteries are rated in AH.