Keeping the heat in or out of your Bongo camper

Thermal Interior Blinds are layered fabric with reflective surfaces for keeping your Bongo warm at night and cool in the day. They are fitted by suction mounts.

Thermal Interior Blinds come in three or four piece kits or sold individually.

Bongo Thermal Interior Blinds include:

  • Windscreen Thermal Interior Blind
  • Passenger door Thermal Interior Blind
  • Driver door Thermal Interior Blind
  • Rear windscreen Thermal Interior Blind

Thermal Interior Blinds are an essential accessory for for your Bongo if you want to enjoy camping in all weather conditions.

Sometimes referred to as Silver Screens and will help keep your Bongo cool on hot sunny days and warm on cold days.

Thermal screens also prevent condensation forming on the inside windows on winter days.

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