Need to tidy up your paintwork?

If you have a scratch on your Bongo then touch-up paint is available to remedy it. Usually available in bottles with a brush.

Bongo Paint Touch-up Kits consist of two aerosol cans bottom and topcoat lacquer, rubbing compound, wet & dry paper, and touch-up brush with instructions.

Finding your paint code

Your paint code is located on a plate on the inside the passenger door of your Bongo.

Two-tone Mazda Bongo Colours

When the paint code is ‘two-tone’, for example when you Bongo is Green above and silver below, the code will be shown as 14E and you will need to purchase Neat Green 5S and/or Silent Silver 4Z.

Here are the two-tone paint codes:

  • 14E = Neat Green 5S / Silent Silver 4Z
  • 14F = Silver Stone 11B / Silent Silver 4Z
  • 14N = Bordeaux Red 6R / Silent Silver 4Z
  • 15J = Blue Violet Mica 11P / Silent Silver 4Z
  • 17R = Indigo Blue 12N / Silent Silver 4Z
  • 19N = Highlight Silver 18G / Silent Silver 4Z
  • A1H = Brilliant Black A2Y / Silent Silver 4Z
  • A2B = Brilliant Black A2Y / Silent Silver 4Z
  • A2G = Chaste White PT / Silent Silver 4Z
  • A2T = Chaste White PT / Highlight Silver 18G

Individual Colour Mazda Bongo Colours

  • Neat Green 5S
  • Chaste White PT
  • Silver Stone 11B
  • Silent Silver 4Z
  • Highlight Silver 18G
  • Brilliant Black A2Y
  • Indigo Blue 12N
  • Solomon Blue 11S
  • Whisper Green 11W
  • Bordeaux Red 6R
  • Blue Violet Mica 11P