bongo dimensionsFull dimensions for a Mazda Bongo

You may want the dimensions for a Bongo for booking a ferry, negotiating height restrictions, working out if you can fit one on the drive or many other reasons.

Here are the Mazda Bongo / Ford Freda dimensions:

Bongo with Auto Free Top dimensions

mazda bongo

  • 4.6 metres long
  • 1.7 metres wide
  • 2.1 metres height

Interior dimensions

  • 2.7 metres floor to highest point of Auto Free Top when raised
  • 1.29 metres floor to ceiling
  • 1.8 metres sleeping area
  • 1.08 metres width

Bongo without Auto Free Top (Bongolow) dimensions


  • 4.6 metres long
  • 1.7 metres wide
  • 2.0 metres heigh

Bongo Gross Vehicle Weight

  • 2260 kg