There are many places to buy Mazda Bongos and Ford Fredas. Here’s a few…

Bongo Dealers

Specialist Bongo dealers offer peace of mind with warranties and also have specialist Mazda Bongo knowledge and will be able to guide you about any issues you may be worried about.

They will often have extensive contacts in Japan and source the best vehicles. Some will also offer their own conversions with discounts available if you buy a Bongo and Conversion package. They can be more expensive and you may have to travel some distance to view what they have in stock.

Bongos available on eBay right now…

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Ebay Bongo Sales

Bargains galore and lots of Bongo Dealers are selling on eBay to attract more business. Also try the eBay classifieds section for a fixed-price Bongo. You can easily sort the Bongos for sale by distance from your home, which is useful since it makes sense to see it before you bid, although many people skip this and bid based on the listing.

Forecourt Bongo Sales

You may see an individual Bongo for sale at a non-specialist garage which may have been used in part-exchange with another vehicle. You may be able to part exchange with another vehicle, but thoroughly check the quality if they are not Mazda Bongo or Ford Freda specialists.

Private Bongo Sales

Private Bongo sales offer some real bargains but beware, once you’ve bought it, anything can happen without a warranty. For peace of mind, think about an independent survey prior to purchase, such as an AA Vehicle Inspection. Buying a Bongo is a major investment and you’ll also want to be sure that the vehicle you and your family are driving around in is safe and mechanically sound.

Bongo Auction

Great for the lowest prices and auctions are held at major ports around the UK, such as Southampton. You will need to get it through the SVA test.

Buy In Japan

If you are in the trade and a Japanese speaker you will need to use an agency. There are several offering this service but you are buying blind and have to have full trust in your agent.

Magazine Bongo Sales

Autotrader and Motorcaravan Motorhome Monthly magazines have plenty of Mazda Bongos for sale in all price ranges. Check out their websites too.

Motorcaravan Motorhome Monthly is the UK’s leading Motorcaravan Magazine. The magazine give full reports on the latest models, with a Top Buyers Guide in every issue ‘Whats On’ and ‘Where to Go’ Guides ‘Live in’ tests complete with long term test reports.

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