Eco-Friendly Camper Van cleaner

Can you suggest a way to remove green growth from my Bongo?

Here’s a suggestion… Try these concentrated dissolving sachets that come in a box of 10 x 37g sachets. One of the great benefits of these products is that there is no packaging waste.

Each sachet dissolves in water to make 5 ltrs of powerful green growth stopper for your Mazda Bongo camper van surfaces which are often prone to green growth and grime.

This Camper Van Cleaner is ideal for removing green growth from your Mazda Bongo camper van but also caravans, trailers, boats and other hard surfaces. The product is supplied as a box of 10 x 37.5gm sachets which are dissolved with water to make 5 litres of ready to use product with each sachet.

One litre of ready to use product will treat up to 5m² of surface depending on the type of surface and the level of soiling. The ready to use product should be applied to the surface simply by pouring, by brush or spray and left.

Over the next few days green growth will gradually disappear.

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