Mazda Bongo Cam Belt

How often should a Mazda Bongo cam belt be changed?

I’ve bought a Bongo with 55,000 km on the clock. I bought my Mazda Bongo on eBay from a private dealer, but I’ve seen that other dealers offer a new cam belt as standard. Should I change the cam belt now?
Andy K, Huddersfield.

It should be changed every 100,000kms or 62,000 miles, so technically you are okay for the moment. One thing to be aware of is that they perish with age, so for peace of mind you should change it.

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In terms of cost, we’d recommend buying the cam belt (camshaft timing belt) from eBay. We’ve seen them on eBay from as low as £10 including postage and packing?

If you buy the cam belt yourself the labour should be £100-£150.

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