Changing Oil

How often should I change the oil in my Bongo?

I’ve heard that you need to keep an eye on oil in a Bongo. How often does it need changing and what oil should I use?

Kevin M, Brixham

It is important to keep a schedule of regular oil changes at 3,000 miles. You need 6 litres of 10w/30 oil for the Bongo according to Mazda and this oil grade is easy to get hold of.

Place a bowl under the sump plug and undo it using a 19mm socket. Drain the oil into the bowl and then into the empty oil container when you have refilled the Bongo.

Change the copper washer on the sump plug every oil change and the oil filter every other oil change.

The oil cap is under the passenger seat for refilling the oil. Check levels on the dip stick to ensure you have filled it to the correct level.

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